The Way God Works; pt. 1 – The Weekend

When most people talk about God working in their lives, I think they talk about big things. Miracle things. Life saving things. Thank God he works like that, too. But let’s not forget the little “miracles,” those coincidences and arrangements that could never happen in a million years. Like last weekend (April 23 – 26) . . .

We’d known for a long time that our son, Alex, would be in “My Son Pinocchio” with Tuscaloosa Children’s Theater that weekend. He played “Gepetto,” the lead role, that “last bow” role he’d been wanting. We (Belinda and I) decided to take a few days off and go to Tuscaloosa and see as many of the 10 performances as possible (we made 7 of them). But then, things started to align . . .

  • The “Tour de Compadres” Concert with Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, Ben Rector, and needtobreathe was announced for April 23 at the Tuscaloosa Ampitheater
  • Our friends Elizabeth and John Macklem put together a team to walk in the March of Dimes “Walk for Babies” on April 25. This was a big deal, because of their sons, Ford and Whit’s birth (more in Part 2!). Plus, two other old friends, Kimberly and Erin were coming to take part!
  • As it turned out, one of our Bridesmaids, Katherine Owen, who we hadn’t seen in over 25 years, was going to be selling her pottery at the Magic City Arts Festival that whole weekend. The walk and the art show were only two blocks apart in downtown Birmingham!

As you can see, the weekend was shaping up to be a big one. The only problem – where to stay? God took care of that, too. A few weeks before this weekend, we were in Tuscaloosa and ran into some friends, Benny and Jo. Jo told us about her mother’s recent passing. We caught her up on what we were doing and what Alex was doing (Benny used to teach Alex voice lessons). Jo said, “Why don’t you just stay in mother’s apartment?”

Only God could put together a rockin’ concert, tear-inducing “proud parent” moments, and long-overdue reunions! Through every moment of those four days, Belinda and I were energized, cared for, entertained, loved, and united. It’s sort of a “vine and branches” kind of thing: because we’d grafted on to “Jesus the Vine” his love lead us to branch out and grow. Through being present at the “Walk for Babies,” seeing two living, breathing miracles and catching up with old friends (who we wouldn’t have known if we hadn’t followed God’s call into ministry), we saw that the Vine does produce branches of love.

Miracles and reunions
Miracles and reunions

When we watched Alex’s play, we saw how trusting God can produce something beautiful – because his presence on stage showed the blossoming of a seed planted in him as a small child; he sang and acted so well that he made grown-ups cry (and NOT just his mother!).

Frannie and Alex after the play
Frannie and Alex after the play

Seeing Katherine – the last time we saw her was at our wedding! – was a sign of how warm relationships never change.

Belinda and Katherine
Belinda and Katherine

Thank you, God! You rock – and so does Drew (see below):

Me and Drew Holcomb
Me and Drew Holcomb

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