Annual Conference 2015

Every year, we United Methodists get together for Annual Conference. It’s a combination of family reunion, worship service, and business meeting. Between the hugs and the laughs and the lunches, we often actually accomplish something! 

A couple of things from yesterday:

  • The combined choir was fantastic! As Bishop Michael Watson reminded us, a choir like that is a picture of the Kingdom of God – each voice using its gift to sing its part and make something beautiful.
  • There was a group prayer, in which different people prayed from different parts of the auditorium, most often praying for peace and unity. If I had been asked to pray, here’s what I would have said: “Lord you have reminded us that where two or three are gathered in your name, you are there also. Well, here we are. Here you are. I just pray that we don’t embarrass you.” We’re always a threat to do that, you know. 

I was especially proud of the choir members from my church who came and joined the choir. I could try to name them all, but you know how that would go! There were at least 10! It made me extremely proud to be their preacher. 

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