Zombie Apocalypse Hits Local Church! – Ephesians 2:1-7

I don’t really understand the current fascination with Zombies. Maybe a good binge-watching weekend with “The Walking Dead” will help?

Well . . . I’m closer to understanding now that I have heard this song – “Double Tap” by Foreknown 

Here’s what Foreknown says that explain the whole thing to me:

This predicament indicative of beating our chest; Celebrating starving spirits while we’re feeding our flesh; We’re not feeding our flesh but we need to confess; Whether or not we admit it that we’re greedy for death; Let’s get real for second I really must insist; Even though zombies are make believe the walking dead exist; You can find them everywhere they’re really hard to miss; They’ve been steadily multiplying since the third of Genesis”

BOOM! We have met the Zombies and they are us! We’ve been “walking dead” since forever! That is, until God’s grace. Here’s what Paul says in Ephesians (once again, if you want a real translation, go here. These are my words, not Paul’s):

At one time you were like a dead person – buried in all the crap and mediocrity that thought was acceptable. You offended God by following the rules set forth by those destructive spiritual powers. You lived like people of the world instead of living like followers of Christ! You were “made of” disobedience. You did whatever felt good. You did whatever you wanted and were headed for punishment.

But God is rich in mercy! While we were Zombies, walking around with no life in us, he brought us to life! He brought us to life and that power created a space where the “eyes of our heart” can see and we can change! He did it because he loved us, not because we earned it. That’s grace!

We often settle for following the ways of those destructive spiritual powers because it is easier. Everybody does it. Everybody talks about how fun it is – and they are right, It is fun, until its not. Once the “eyes of our hearts” are opened, and we realize the difference between the life of Christ and the life of the world, we begin to see what some of the damaging consequences can be. When our “heart eyes” are closed, we think we are doing fine, just hanging out and being happy! But there is so much more that God offers!

Stop being a Zombie! Stop settling for mediocre! There is more to the Christian life than just coming to church and trying to make everybody happy. Our purpose is more than just “getting along with everybody.” There is much more important work to be done! There are people (including most folks in worship services on Sunday) who need to SEE! They are like zombies – walking around like a dead person! They have no idea of the call God places on their life (see 4:14-16); no idea of the power that he gives us to live in this world. Without that power, we have no choice but to do whatever the “destructive powers” tell us.

In these last couple of posts, I’ve sounded a little harsh on “the world.” I do not believe that the whole world is evil and that only Christians are good. I do, however, believe that a lot of what passes for good advice from “the world” just serves to divide us more. A Lot of what passes for “Christian Teaching” is just “holier-than-thou” judgment and sounds like the prayer of the Pharisee, “Oh Lord, I thank you that I am not like that loser over there!” Christ wants us to live lives of love and light (see 5:6-14) and in that way, be examples of life to the “zombies.”

Prayer – Lord, give me compassion for the “Zombies” of this world. Help me to live a life that shows real life to the “dead.” Let me be the example of maturity in Christ.

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